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CT Debt Solutions will:

  1. CT Debt Solutions shall, upon initiation of agreement, provide prompt assistance to client in obtaining credit records for the client from all three credit reporting agencies Equifax (CSC for Texas Residents), Experian, and Trans Union.

  2. CT Debt Solutions shall also, within the course of 3 to 7 business days of receipt of agreement, set up clients with their online private client site which will allow them to check progress throughout their maintenance agreement. A username will be provided to the client to access their online private client site, and the client will be responsible for setting their own password and security questions.

  3. Also within 10 business days of enrollment into CT Debt Solutions credit restoration service the client shall be contacted by CT Debt Solutions in order to go over processes during the term of service with CT Debt Solutions credit restoration service.

  4. CT Debt Solutions shall also post credit education materials to the clients Private Client Site periodically for client review. Client will be notified by e-mail within 7 business days from initiation that their account information is ready for client review and comment.

  5. CT Debt Solutions shall assist client in determining the action to take with each account in regards to that clients file. CT Debt Solutions is available to review each account on the clients personal credit file by calling the customer service numbers provided upon enrollment.

  6. CT Debt Solutions will provide credit education materials to the client’s; and those client’s without e-mail address via US Postal Service. All new clients will also receive a credit education and welcome packet via US Postal Service within 10-15 business days from initiation.

  7. CT Debt Solutions shall prepare challenges for items appearing on the customer's credit reports which the customer indicates are inaccurate, incomplete, obsolete, or unverified as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  8. CT Debt Solutions will submit transmittals of challenges, within 3 to 7 business days but not to exceed 10 business days, of receipt of credit information and executed disclosure and agreement from customer.

  9. Each consecutive month of service CT Debt Solutions shall prepare all follow-up challenges, as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair and Accurate Transactions Act and Fair Credit Billing Act and transmittal of the same.

  10. Follow-up services will be fully performed by CT Debt Solutions every 35 days not to exceed every 55 days.

  11. Every month the client shall forward copies of all materials received by the 3 credit bureaus, Equifax (CSC Credit Services for TX residents), Experian, & Trans Union, by mailing or faxing copies to CT Debt Solutions in a timely manner. It is important to forward the materials received by the credit bureaus so the client’s private client site can be updated expeditiously.

  12. All items resolved will also be posted to the client’s private client site, which is accessed online by the username and password provided to client upon initiation.

  13. CT Debt Solutions shall also provide a client services staff for assistance in answering questions regarding client’s accounts from Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

  1. CT Debt Solutions agrees only to challenge items under the above acts and as legally available.

  2. Company guarantee and refund policy shall be understood as the following: To any client that maintains xx consecutive months of maintenance service, CT Debt Solutions shall guarantee their satisfaction of service:

      1. Should client believe they have not received valuable service, in consideration of refund, all accounts will be evaluated on a per record itemization.

      2. For every account repaired or removed from the credit file CT Debt Solutions shall assess a $xxx value. If, at the end of term, the value of repair/removals exceeds total price paid, then customer is due no refund. Should the value of repair/removals fall below the pricing paid, then customer will be extended a length of service satisfactory to the credit due and remaining.

      3. Failure to maintain consistent monthly payments and addition of 1 negative item to the credit file VOIDS any and all guarantees. If the client misses a payment, or has a payment returned for NSF or any other reason this will VOID any and all guarantees. Should any new negative information be added to the client’s credit file during the term of the agreement this will VOID any and all guarantees.

  1. If the client fails to complete the payment schedule any and all refunds are forfeited. The addition of any new negative information shall also void any and all money back guarantees. Guarantee shall be considered satisfied if client’s credit is improved during 12 months of maintenance service.

  2. This is a binding agreement and should service be cancelled after the initial 5 day right of rescission (see attached notice) a cancellation fee of up to $xxx can apply to client’s account to cover processing fees, set up fees, handling fees, and regulatory fees occurred on client’s account. Failure to make the arranged monthly payments can result in negative activity to client’s credit file.

  3. Furthermore, upon completion of agreement and maintenance companies money back guarantee policy is based on the following: 1) each deleted item from clients credit file will be assessed a $50 value in which the amount of items deleted will be subtracted from the total paid to determine the refund portion 2) Example: if there are 4 items deleted from the credit file the total value will be $200, if the client has paid $500 then the client would be due a refund of $300 3) Example: If there are 12 items deleted from the credit file the total value will be $600, if the client has already paid $600 then there would be no refund due since the value of the deleted items is more than what the clients have paid.

  1. Upon completion of agreement, clients which are eligible or ineligible for refund will be notified by terms set forth in section 12 of contract. Clients eligible for a full refund will be given option of renewing service for 1 term in lieu of refund. Renewal option shall not exceed 1 term and is limited to one renewal option and upon completion of renewal term, contract will be considered satisfied by company and client, in which no refunds will be issued.

  1. CT Debt Solutions makes no other guarantees aside from the guarantees expressly written within this disclosure. No oral agreement or other agreement shall override this agreement unless received in writing from an authorized CT Debt Solutions officer.



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